Our mission is to increase economic mobility

We partner with the best nonprofits to ensure everyone has the chance to prosper.
For too long, low-income families enrolled in government benefits programs have lacked the information, transparency, and tools to build brighter futures.

Our Vision

Civic Links envisions a world where...

...nonprofits are able to help all low-income families exit cycles of poverty. Nonprofits are on the front lines doing this critical work each day.

Yet nonprofits are often under-resourced and lack the time needed to support all of the families that need their help. Civic Links helps nonprofits maximize the impact of their work by providing self-help technology to the families they serve. Working together, we're increasing the economic mobility of the families in our communities.

What We Do

We build technology...

...that allows nonprofits to serve more families. Our tools give low income families the resources and information they need to understand, maintain and maximize their benefits and build stable financial futures.

More About
Our Products

Our Team

We use our expertise in nonprofit management, finance, and public policy to help nonprofits maximize their impact. We're inspired by our customers and users to build products that transform the lives of families in our community.

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